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We strive to provide holistic, integrated solutions to preventing or improving chronic health conditions. We provide our clients with natural, non-prescription treatment options aimed to address the root cause of health and wellness issues, and not just treating symptoms. Our services include massage therapy, reflexology, lymphedema therapy, acupuncture, food sensitivity testing, nutrition/health coaching, and yoga, as well a suite of wellness products and services. We believe that wellness can only be achieved through a focus on achieving balance with the mind, body and spirit.


  1. Wellness Solutions
    Services that feed the mind, body and spirit and focus on weight management, stress management and preventive services. Services Include: * Essential Oils and Aromatherapy * Biomat Therapy * Herbal Tea Bar * Health and Wellness/Lifestyle Coaching * Weight Management * Stress Management * Private Yoga Studio * Massage Therapy
  2. Treatment Solutions
    Non-prescription treatment solutions to address acute and chronic pain. and chronic health conditions Services Include: * Massage Therapy: Sports Massage, Neuromuscular Massage. Myofascial Massage, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Swedish, Deep Tissue * Reflexology * Lymphedema Therapy (certified Lymphedema therapist on staff) * Acupuncture * Gua Sha *Tui Na (Chinese Massage) * Biomat Therapy

About Us

Sangeo Wellness Center, LLC was created to serve our community with compassionate, holistic solutions to meet  individual needs. We believe that everyone should have access to services designed to prevent disease and to treat ailments by focusing on the root cause, and not just treating the symptoms. We also believe that wellness can only be achieved by finding balance with the mind, body and spirit. We encourage a focus on prevention and personal responsibility. We are honored to bring over 25 years of healthcare experice to our clients.

Photo Gallery

  1. Meet Our Team
    Meet Our Team
  2. Leaky Gut Syndrome  Photo Cred: Dr. Axe
    Leaky Gut Syndrome Photo Cred: Dr. Axe
  3. Dr. Dean Ornish
    Dr. Dean Ornish
  4. Dr. Mark Hyman
    Dr. Mark Hyman
  5. 90 Day Weight Loss Results
    90 Day Weight Loss Results
  6. Senator Bill Frist
    Senator Bill Frist
  7. Biomat Treatment Room
    Biomat Treatment Room
  8. Practice Mindfulness Daily!
    Practice Mindfulness Daily!

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